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Glacier International Global Collection Plan
Get access to world-class investments with the flexibility to choose how you make decisions.

Grow your savings by investing in a range of unit trust funds denominated in foreign currencies from leading fund managers.

Plan Details
US$ / € / ₤ / AUD / CHF 25000 lump sum
PLUS additional transfers of US$ / € / ₤ / AUD / CHF 5000
The investment period is open-ended - you decide how long you want to stay invested.
You have total freedom to change your underlying investments and there are no charges for the first four changes in a year. The minimum amount that can be switched is US$ / € / ₤ / AUD / CHF 1000.
You can invest in foreign collective investment funds from Glacier's approved list.
  • You can withdraw your money into a foreign account or bring the money back to South Africa
  • You have access to fund evaluation information that is transparent and immediate. A lot of this information is available online for added convenience
  • You make a lump sum investment
  • We invest the money in the underlying investments that you choose in collaboration with your financial advisor. You can also make additional contributions
  • Your money can grow over time based on your underlying investments
  • You can make ad hoc withdrawals, depending on the liquidity of the underlying investments
  • You cannot make regular or scheduled withdrawals
  • Taxation depends on an investor's personal circumstances. Glacier International has selected roll-up funds in most cases. The Global Collection Plan is ideally suited for non-South African residents (who are not subject to South African tax) and for non-tax-paying institutions who wish to diversify offshore
  • Income distributions from collective investment funds may be taxed up to certain limits. The majority of the funds we have selected however do not distribute their dividends
  • Capital gains tax will be triggered when you withdraw from a fund and sell units
Please speak to your financial advisor to make sure you pay the correct fees and that you understand which fees you pay and why.
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It is important to bear in mind that any investment has some risk. We therefore recommend that you consult a financial planner who can help you find the most appropriate products for your needs and circumstances.