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Glacier Offshore Investment Plan
Access different markets and currencies with simplicity, flexibility and affordability.

Grow your savings by investing in a range of risk-profiled model portfolios managed by a team of specialists, or a list of carefully selected offshore investment funds.

Plan Details
R100 000 lump sum
R15 000 per additional contribution whenever you have extra money available
No fixed period but a minimum of three years is recommended to limit the negative impact of short-term market fluctuations.
You have total freedom to change your underlying investments.
You can select from a range of risk-profiled model portfolios managed by a dedicated team of specialists, or you can construct your own portfolio from a list of offshore funds carefully selected by our investment research specialists.
  • Access to global opportunities with lower minimums than traditional offshore options
  • A streamlined investment process with fewer take-on requirements than traditional offshore options
  • Guidance and simplicity in investment choices through risk-profiled funds and model portfolios
  • Flexibility to add to, or withdraw from your investment at any time
  • You make a lump sum investment. You make a lump sum investment using your own offshore investment allowance or the services of an asset swap service provider
  • We invest the money in the underlying investments that you choose in collaboration with your financial advisor. You can also make additional contributions
  • Your money can grow over time, based on the performance of your underlying investments

Allowance type Amount Criteria
Foreign Investment Allowance (FIA) Up to R10 000 000 per calendar year To invest using their FIA, investors will need to obtain tax clearance from SARS and Exchange Control approval.
Single Discretionary Allowance (SDA) Up to R1 000 000 per calendar year To use their SDA facility there is no need to obtain tax clearance, but investors need to sign a declaration in their application form.
  • You can make ad hoc withdrawals at any time
  • When you die, the investment will form part of your estate
  • You may pay capital gains tax when you dispose of assets or sell or switch units within an investment
Fees vary per product and your underlying investment. Please speak to your financial advisor to make sure you pay the correct fees and that you understand which fees you pay and why.
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It is important to bear in mind that any investment has some risk. We therefore recommend that you consult a financial planner who can help you find the most appropriate products for your needs and circumstances.